Want to Be a Successful Vocalist or Guitarist? Make Some Space for Music

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Hopefully you’re convinced that success as a vocalist or guitarist begins with consistency in practice or working out your voice. You’ve made the decision to be consistent with your efforts to improve your playing or singing. Congratulations! Now make it easy to keep up that consistency.
Do you have a space to practice or sing for your 10-15 minute dedicated music time? The easier you make it on yourself to dive into practice, the more likely you will do it daily.
If you are guitarist, having your guitar out of the case, in a stand, and near your music stand or computer (if that is where you access your practice materials) is a great start. Your strap in on the guitar, you’ve got some picks ready, and if you want to play amplified, your amp or headphones are right there. All you have to do is pick up the instrument and start to play.
For singers, do you access your practice tracks on your phone or computer? Do you have a place that you can sing and not feel self conscious? Many of our students have expressed concern that they will bother the neighbors or their family members or roommates with their singing workouts. If you feel self conscious or anxious about your volume while singing, you may want to find a place to do it where you can have some privacy. Some of our students sing their workouts in their cars. Their practice materials are on their phones, and they take a drive somewhere and pull over and sing. Some even sing while driving, but you need to take care if you choose to do that – paying attention to the road and your driving is job number one! Some walk and sing on their lunch hours or breaks – our students are really creative about finding this space to sing!
Making space for your music supports consistency in your practice. You won’t have the hassle of unpacking your instrument or deciding where you are going to play or sing. You’ve got a plan, it’s all set up, and you can dive right in.
If you live with other people, you may want to let them know how serious you are about your goals as a musician and that you’re working on being consistent. Having 15 minutes of uninterrupted time may be asking a lot, but unless you are clear that you need that time, you may find it difficult to be consistent. Enlist those you live with to support you on your musical journey.
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