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If you want to learn how to play electric or acoustic guitar and the secrets to fast-track your progress , we guarantee significant improvement in your playing in less time than you think. Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, our approach to guitar instruction saves you time and money. We guarantee it!

Guitar Lessons

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Complete the form, and we’ll call to learn more about you, your goals, and schedule your free consultation (either on Zoom or in our studio). During your consultation, we’ll assess your playing strengths and identify issues that need attention. We promise you’ll leave the session with some new playing skills. While we don’t ask our students to audition, we only take a limited number of guitar students at any one time. We’re looking for students who are passionate about guitar and committed to excellence whether they are beginners, experienced musicians, or somewhere in between.

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YouTube Just Not Cutting It Anymore?

There is SO MUCH information (and misinformation!) on the internet about how to play guitar. If you are a beginner (or even a veteran player!), sifting through YouTube videos for legitimate private guitar lessons takes time. Our proven method of guitar instruction focuses on what works for YOU to take your playing to the next level. We take all of the guesswork out of the process and give you exactly what you need to learn and practice to meet your guitar-playing goals.

Tried Private Guitar Lessons Before and Just Ended Up Frustrated (and with less money)?

Just because someone is a great guitarist doesn’t mean that person is a good guitar teacher. We were students ourselves (and continue to be!) and understand the amount of time and money that can be wasted with the average guitar teacher. So, we decided to develop a proven method for private electric and acoustic guitar lessons based on years of research, teaching, and playing. Our certified guitar teachers have taught hundreds of people who thought they could never reach a skillful level of guitar playing. Don’t waste any more time and money. Serving Beginners to advanced kids and adults.

guitar lessons
guitar lessons

Worried You Don't Have What it Takes to Be a Great Guitarist?

You don’t need special talent—whatever that is—to be an amazing guitarist. You do need the right private guitar instruction, the right coaching and training from the best guitar teachers, and a firm commitment to the learning process. With that, ANYONE can be a great player. You can make REAL PROGRESS in as little as 20 minutes of focused practice 4-5 days per week. We are with you every step of the way as your mentors and guides. Do you have 20 minutes a day to be a guitarist people want to listen to

Am I Too Old (or Too Young!) To Start Learning Guitar?

Age has little to do with learning to play guitar. Let us be clear: You are never too old to start playing! Many of our adults are in their 70’s and 80’s and make real progress. In fact, we find our older students to be some of the most committed to their guitar lessons. And how about kids? If a child is able to hold the guitar and engage in a 50-minute guitar lesson, we have found they can develop the foundational skills needed for lifetime of musical enjoyment. It’s never too late or too early to start your guitar journey!

guitar lessons

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Yes! We teach both. We have found that the acoustic is slightly more difficult at first for beginners due to the heavier string gauge, BUT the good news is that both acoustic and electric are the same instrument as far as playing goes. The electric guitar has more to learn as far as gear and effects go.

This depends on how fast you want to progress–really. There are a lot of myths about guitar playing. We don’t deal with myths, or the limitations that most people accept. There is a high likelihood that your idea of “good” will radically change after two or three months of lessons. Most people that we teach feel like they have reached an intermediate level of guitar playing (ready to play in a band–or pursue more serious guitar studies) after a year of focused practice.

Metal, rock, hard rock, pop, blues, country, gospel, and jazz. Our main focus for the new guitarist are on foundational skills that are necessary for great playing. For more advanced students, we also have specific tracks in hard rock and metal that includes sweep picking, tapping, and high speed tapping.

We offer several different packages depending on the student’s goals and how fast the student wants to progress. Our lessons are 50 minutes long (not half hour like other music schools). We also offer special 6-week classes. During your free consultation, we’ll present our packages and help you choose a package that fits your budget as well as your goals.