You get a free lesson and we determine what your current ability is AND what YOU want to do.  We drill down to find your goals. 


From the assessment, we create a PLAN for you to progress to the guitarist you want to be.  Your goals.  Your plan.  Your music. 


Our  program is song focused.  You play songs from day one.  You work on material that will support your program. 


Every Lesson, Every Practice Session, Every Step of the way, we are there to make sure you have everything you need!

Master Instructors

We train year-round to be the best guitar teachers on the planet.  Our focus is on you and your playing.

Guaranteed Progress

You follow our program and don't don't pay!

Good Habits from Day One

You learn the FASTEST way to learn and play!

The fastest path to your goals! 

 Imagine having lessons being just about you. About your progress.  Your Goals!

Practice plans developed especially for you

We tell you what you should practice to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time.

We fix what other teachers break (including YouTube)

If you are stuck, can't play or wonder why you aren't us.

Choose your track!

Metal, gospel, rock, country, pop, jazz, the blues!!!

Convenient times!

We don't lock you into a specific time slot - come to lessons when it works for YOU!

Feedback on your playing! 

We track your progress and show you how you are progressing.

86 Remsen Street  Cohoes, NY 12047