From ZERO to DEMO: Cut a Singing Demo Package

Are you a singer (or are you looking for a gift for an aspiring singer) who needs a demo to take your singing journey to the next level? Are you interested in being in a band and need a demo to share? Do you want to learn more about the recording, producing, and mixing process? Then this is the package for you!

What Does the package Include?

  • Five hours of professional voice coaching, recording, and mixing is included. How those hours are distributed are up to you in consultation with Jeff Moore, our voice coach and sound engineer.
  • The first hour is a consultation session to determine what is needed to get your track recorded, mixed, and ready to distribute. Some vocalists may need more time for voice coaching while others may want more time spent on polishing their track. The package is individualized for each singer.
  • For example, a singer may want 2 voice coaching sessions to improve their singing for recording (value of $300), 1 hour of studio recording (value of $125), and 2 hours of mixing including in-depth voice correction using state of the art technology (value of $300). For this singer, the total value of their package would be $725.
  • This package will take you from an amateur singer to producing a pro-level demo in less than six months!
  • Incredible savings! Check on line for prices for cutting a demo – they start at $1,000 and go up from there. Take advantage of this fantastic deal!

This is an incredible deal to get all the coaching and assistance you need to cut a demo – from ZERO to DEMO for $547.

Singers will be involved in all aspects of the track recording and production and will end up with a professionally recorded and mixed track to use as a demo and/or gift. Sessions must be used within six months of purchase. Please reach out to Crystal Moore from Peak Music with any questions: 518-786-7963.


Cut a Singing Demo Package
Save 25% !


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