You get a free lesson, we determine what your current abilities are
AND what YOU want to do.  We drill down to find your goals.


From the assessment, we create a PLAN for you to progress to the vocalist you want to be.  Your goals.  Your plan.  Your music.


Our  program is focused on preparing you to sing the songs YOU want to sing.  You work on material that will support your goals.


Every class, every practice session, every step of the way, we are there to make sure you have everything you need to succeed!

Certified Master Instructor

Our lead instructor is a Certified Master Instructor in the TVS Method (The Vocalist Studio), an evidence-based and systematic approach designed to strengthen and enhance the coordination of you voice. We are the only TVS Certified studio in this area.

Guaranteed progress

You follow our program and don't don't pay! It's that simple.

Good habits from day one

You learn the RIGHT way to to sing from the first day you walk into our studio.

The fastest path to your goals! 

Imagine having classes and a training plan being just about you. About your progress.  Your goals!

Feedback on your singing

We track your progress and show you how you are progressing.  If you aren't progressing--we fix your program!

Sing the songs YOU want to sing

What is your style? What would you like to sing? You choose your own song material.

Choose your track

Gospel, pop, rock, metal, the blues, alternative, jazz, easy listening, singer- songwriter.


You aren't locked into a specific time slot - unless you want to be. Come to lessons when it works best for YOU!

We fix what other teachers break--including YouTube

If you are stuck, can't sing the way you want or wonder why you aren't us.

*Progress Guarantee: If you aren't progressing , get your money back...see school for full details.
Trained at Berklee College of Music

86 Remsen Street  Cohoes, NY 12047