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At Peak Music, our voice program has one ultimate goal: to prepare singers for recording and performance. We’ve found that the best way to meet this goal is for our students to perform and record as part of their work with our studio. Jeff, our lead voice coach, works with each vocalist to prepare them to professionally record a song that they can proudly share with others.

No matter where a student is on their singing journey, recording and performing in front of small, supportive groups pushes students’ progress forward much more quickly than coaching alone. No other voice studio in our area routinely offer their students this fantastic opportunity.

Below are snippets of students’ recordings. We’re so proud of our vocalists!

If you’d like more information Peak Music’s voice program and how professional recording can be a part of your singing journey, click the button and complete a web form. Crystal will give you a call to answer any questions and if you are interested, to schedule a free voice consultation (valued at $150). If you really want to sing better, don’t wait!

Tom S.

Tom is a new vocalist who joined us for our 6-week Rock & Pop Vocal Intensive this past fall. His melodic and metal singing styles are featured in this track, Blank Space, written by Taylor Swift and covered by I Prevail. He found the rehearsal process somewhat easier than recording. Working to overcome anxiety about performing in front of others, singing his track in the studio with others present was a challenge, but the positive vibes in the space and his excellent preparation got him through!

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Original artist: I Prevail

Mike C.

Mike is a drummer and vocalist, and joined our 6-week Rock and Pop Vocal Intensive this past fall. Mike chose You’re My Home by Billy Joel as his recording project. He reflected on the process: “I loved every minute of it!  You stay focused on the fundamentals learned in class, then after several sessions you start to incorporate your unique style until the song becomes natural.” Mike’s track showcases his vocal skills and ability to communicate heart-felt emotion through his singing.

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Original artist: Billy Joel

Crystal M.

Crystal is co-owner of Peak Music, and she participates in all voice classes in the studio. She chose to record Brandi Carlile’s Keep Your Heart Young as a tribute to her best friend she’s known since second grade. Crystal’s go-to voice technique is belting which isn’t always the best for every song! In this recording, she chose to sing the song primarily in head voice to channel the playful spirit of the 8 year-old she once was. This process was helpful in learning how to choose the right vocal technique to best convey the emotion of the song.

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Brandi Carlile

John G.

John is a karaoke regular at Dee Dee’s Tavern in Latham, and a vocalist and member of our studio. John’s rendition of The Wonder of You by Elvis Presley was a Christmas gift for his girlfriend, Michelle. This was John’s first recording experience, and while hearing a recording of himself was a different experience for him, he’s  looking forward to putting out his next song by summer. John’s use of vibrato on this track is true to the King himself!

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Original Artist: Elvis Presley

Jenn S.

A big fan of Lady Gaga’s emotional and  powerful singing, Jenn chose Is That Alright to perform and record. Jenn has taken several of our 6-week intensive classes over the past couple of years, and her dedication to her singing shines through in this track. She’s also a talented songwriter. Check out two studio collaborations with Jenn, Storm with Blue Eyes and Toxic Tango.

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Original Artist: Lady Gaga

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