How To Do BIG Things In Your Guitar Playing


Not every guitarist wants to become a great player, but if YOU do there are several things you must do/believe in as well as several mistakes you should avoid.


Observe Great Guitarists’ Mindset


Most guitar players are inspired by the skills of other great guitarists. However, there is much more value below the surface if you know how to look for it. The reason great guitarists achieve awe-inspiring things is they constantly tell themselves they CAN do these things. Great players set HUGE goals (much bigger than everyone else). They do not worry about what seems possible or what other guitarists do… only about what they want. Take on this same mindset and you set yourself up to achieve bigger results.


Take Lessons With The Best Guitar Teacher You Can Find


One of the very most important factors for your success on guitar is the quality of the guitar teacher you work with. Guitarists who work together with great teachers get better, faster results.


Tom Hess, who has spent over 20 years teaching (and shows others how to teach guitar) offers his opinion: “Work with the best guitar teacher, get the best results. It’s as simple as that. There is no greater factor for your guitar playing progress than having an excellent teacher to coach you and train you every step of the way. You achieve so much more in a short time with a teacher than you ever would in years of learning on your own. If you want to achieve HUGE results, this is your only option.”


Avoid Negative Thoughts


Negative thoughts are like poison for your guitar playing progress. Having self-limiting thoughts also prevent you from ever achieving major musical goals.


One of the biggest ways guitar players shoot themselves in the foot is by settling for smaller goals in their playing because they are afraid of failure if they set bigger goals. Don’t let this fear of failure overtake you. Understand that all guitarists go through failure and success, and see challenges in your playing as a way to improve and become better. Once you see failure as an opportunity to grow, you are ready to fulfill your highest potential on guitar.


Believe You Can Achieve Greatness


Too many guitarists never accomplish big things because they just don’t think it is possible. With this attitude, you give yourself no chance. Instead, plant the seed for success in your mind by believing that anything is possible. You’d be surprised at just how much you can achieve on this mindset alone. Once this belief is in place, all you need to do is dedicate yourself and work hard to consistently move forward in your playing.


When you follow these principles, you massively increase the chances of success for achieving any goal. Look for ways to adjust your musical goals to see if you can achieve more. There are often much greater things you can achieve if you sit down and examine your goals. For example, rather than simply trying to play your favorite guitarists songs, you could learn how to play and write songs just like them (making you a much better overall musician in the process).


Don’t underestimate yourself and your ability to achieve great things fast. You have the potential to make huge gains in your guitar playing, and it doesn’t have to take years... Reduce the time it takes to reach your musical goals by working together with an excellent guitar teacher.

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