How to Start Jamming

As a guitar player, you might not understand what a jam is.

Whenever you get together with other people to play music in an informal session, it's called a jam. For example, you may get together with people you don't know on stage at a club and play various songs. It's a jam when you're not in a formal band and playing together often.

Why Jam?

there are several reasons why you might want to start jamming. This gets you out of your comfort zone and away from your bedroom. You’ll be meeting guitar players, drummers, bass players, and other musicians.

You learn a lot about music when you are jamming. It's a way to discover yourself as a guitar player. In some cases, you'll be playing live which is an excellent guitar learning opportunity whether you play acoustic or electric guitar. In other circumstances, you'll be together in someone's basement strumming some acoustic guitars.

Jamming for the First Time

Pick an easy song you all know.

It's normal to feel intimidated when you first start jamming. This is something you have never done before. When you start jamming for the first time take it slow. you don't want to worry too much about what you're playing. An easy way to start jamming is to play a simple song that everyone in the jam already knows. This creates a relaxing atmosphere. Everyone is playing something they are already familiar with.

The best part about jamming on a simple song is you learn about timing and rhythm when playing with others. You can change up the song a little bit if it happens to have a solo. You could play your own improvised solo or play the standard solo from the song.

Another way to start jamming is for someone to play a regular chord progression. For example, you could play a standard 12 bar blues chord progression. The other person can play lead guitar over the top of that standard progression. I would recommend that beginners start with the 12 bar blues for jamming. The reason for this is that it's a very simple style and it sounds good when you are playing together.


If the Music Sounds Bad Don’t Worry

A jam is fun, don’t stress over perfection.

When you first started jamming, the music you create is not going to sound that great. this shouldn't be a concern for you. When you first start jamming the music may not sound that great. The whole idea of jamming is to get used to playing with other people. as you get used to the process, the music will start to sound a lot better.

Most bands that started off together jamming, did not sound that great. They got used to each other as musicians and then at the music improved. If you're going to play in a band situation and jam, start with simple songs and work your way up. Concentrate on getting the correct rhythm and make sure everyone knows their part.

Live Jam

Many clubs and bars have live jam sessions. This is where anyone can come up with their instrument and play on stage. In some cases, they will be playing with the house band. This is the band that plays in that particular club. These musicians usually know a whole lot of songs.

You can tell them the song you want to play. If the band doesn't know it, they may recommend something easy for all you to play together. They may give you a certain part such as the rhythm or the guitar solo for the song. In many jam sessions, the guitar solos are often improvised.

It's a good idea to go to the local jam a few times before you decide to play Live yourself. You can get a feel for the venue before you play. Feel free to ask the musicians questions about the jam session.

Don't worry too much about sounding amazing when you first get on stage. This will not happen. the audience is not going to remember if you make a mistake.

Most people in the audience are not musicians and they can't hear the simple mistakes that you can hear. You may make a few errors during your first sessions, but this is fine. Get used to the process of jamming and have fun with the other musicians.


Even if you only know a few chords or songs, you can start jamming. The sooner you do this the better. You learn a lot about music from other musicians. You can exchange ideas, show each other different licks, and so on. Jamming is a great way to improve your guitar skills.

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