Become A Guitar Playing Detective…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could speed up your learning and shave off years of frustration?... 

When I first heard that my honest thought was “YES!” then shortly after “This sounds too good to be true…”. You may be thinking the same things but there is a way you can do this.

Imagine you’re a detective, let’s say Sherlock Holmes. In order to catch your next criminal, you have to go and study their behaviour, figure out what they do, and then look for ways to catch them in the act! Interestingly, your guitar playing isn’t much different. What do I mean?

If you’re still unsure, I was too, and every person I’ve helped do this was to begin with, I’ve found that if we look at things in stages, it’s easier to see how it works. 

1.    What Do You Want Your Playing To Sound Like?

Firstly, pick some guitar players you like, or some music you really like to listen to that you want your guitar playing to sound like (this is critical). 

Once you’ve done this, make a playlist and watch / listen to these people daily, over and over again. As you do, I’d like you to try and imagine yourself already being able to play what you’re hearing.

2.    Think Like A Detective!

Next, and this is where video is helpful, try and look at what it is these people are doing.
•    What kind of guitar sound do they have? 
•    Are they playing simple open chords or does it look like they’re doing more complex chords? 
•    Do they do any soloing? How does it sound (e.g. aggressive, bluesy, soulful?...)?

Over time you will gain more clarity but right now, we just need to build a picture of what you want to play in the future… even if it seems far away right now. 

That’s half of the aim of the game, the better you get at analysing your own and other people’s guitar playing, the better the understanding you have of your guitar playing. Your ear will actually improve in the process, which will help you to keep striving to become a better musician. 

On the other side are people who just play without really thinking about what their guitar playing or listen to other guitar players either, and miss out on the experience of analysing what they can improve. 
When you do this often, you will start to notice elements of these guitar player’s playing creeping into your guitar playing and this will, without a doubt, shave years from where you are to being able to play the kind of music you imagine. 
Go forward and make this playlist, listen to it daily, and think like a detective!


About Author: 
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